Rabbi Leron Bernstein

Rabbi Leron Bernstein joined Yeshiva College Schools after spending a number of years learning in Israel. Rav Leron learnt in various Yeshivot including Yeshivat Har Etzion, Yeshivat Hakotel, Hamivtar and as a Rabbinic intern on the Orayta Fellowship programme. During this time he completed his Smicha while attending various practical courses in Education and teaching. He simultaneously completed a Bcom in Information Systems and Industrial Psychology through UNISA. 

Rav Leron is a graduate of King David Victory Park and after matriculating began his tenure in Israel on the Bnei Akiva MTA programme. After his first two years in Yeshiva, he returned to South Africa to dedicate 3 years to the community - working at the Division of Informal Jewish Education and then as Rosh Machaneh for Bnei Akiva in 2006. Rav Leron then returned to Israel for a further 5 years on the YAD programme - Mizrachi Organization of South Africa’s pioneering long term leadership development programme ​

After completing his studying in Israel, Rav Leron, along with his family, made his way to South Africa to eagerly begin his Shlichut at the Yeshiva College Boys’ High School in 2012.


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